Through our Bible Correspondence Course, the ordinary people come to know about the Love of Jesus Christ. These courses are sent to all people whoever ask of it.  A silent revival is taking place through these courses.  These Course Books reach the people who live in the remote places where the gospel has not been preached so far. Even people who do not want to come out in open to profess Christianity out of social restrictions have evince much interest to know about Jesus Christ and accept Him as their Lord and Saviour.  The major advantage of this programme is that the Gospel reaches at their door steps breaking the social, cultural and political barriers.  The courses are presently conducted in Tamil, English and Hindi languages. People learn about Christ through the course book ‘New Life for you’.  We award the certificates to the successful candidates.


ECHO of HIS Call wishes to start this ministry in other languages such as Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Oriya, Gujarathi, Marathi, Nepali, Bengali, Assamese and Punjabi. But due to the lack of adequate resources we are not able to venture into greatly. We are seeking the grace of God in this process and we wish to urge godly people to espouse this cause and to help disseminate God’s love in people’s languages.  We need funds for the expansion of this ministry.


Further we conduct Group Bible Studies in villages through our MISSION CENTRES and teach the love of Christ by using the course book ‘New Life – For you!’   We wish to teach communication skills and life skills in addition to teaching the Gospel and after the completion of the course, we award Certificates to the successful candidates. Thus this small beginning is used for the opening of Prayer Cells and House Churches which eventually becomes a place for the dissemination of the gospel and discipling of the believers.
Thousands have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour and added into churches.  Every month thousands of students are actively taking part in the course and witnessing the love of Lord Jesus Christ.  Thus what we experience in and through this ministry is an open door for the entry of the Gospel but due to the paucity of resources we are not able to materialize all our wishes for the Lord into action.  We are receiving hundreds of letters from various parts of the country asking for Bible Courses.  We are not able to cater to the people for administering the correspondence courses for want of funds.    Rev. Alex Samson Sam is taking care of this ministry in the capacity of Executive Director with the association of the Chairman, Bro. M. Paulraj.