We conduct Community Development Services through our main church for sharing the love of Jesus Christ to common people.  Community Development Services are rendered by conducting medical camps, AIDS Awareness Programmes, and supplying of food, clothes, educational aids to the poor children.  Emergency helps are rendered to the affected people during the time of natural calamities with the association of other non-governmental organizations.  The love of the Lord Jesus Christ is revealed in action to all people irrespective of caste, creed or religion.  The name of the Lord Jesus Christ is magnified by these services.

We conduct Gospel Crusades in cluster of villages, towns and cities through our Main Church.  Thousands of people attend the crusades and get the touch of God in their soul, spirit and body and glorify God.  After the crusades, follow up ministry is taken up.  God has performed numerous miracles through our Gospel Crusades.  God is confirming His Word by signs and wonders in our meetings as in the days of the early Apostles.

We take our Bible College students and junior pastors to different places like villages, hills as well as tribal areas and demonstrate them how to preach the gospel and conduct medical camps, seminars on social issues.  We also make them good citizens by counseling them to leave bad habits.

We have a network of Pastors and Missionaries all over India, under the name Great Commission Partners.  They are working for God in different areas.  They also introduce our Bible Correspondence Courses and Bible Colleges in their respective areas.  Most of these Missionary Pastors are the products of Bible Colleges.  God is using these precious men and women very effectively.