India is in the plan of God and the Lord graciously sent his Apostle Thomas into this land. In spite of the great missionary efforts, the Gospel has not reached many parts of the world. The Body of Christ requires committed and sincere task force to carry out the mantle of the Great Commission of the Lord. Bible College was thus birthed in 1992 to serve this particular objective. The college functions with the following vision:

i. Imparting Biblical Knowledge
ii. Developing Spiritual Character
iii. Improving Ministerial Skills.

Biblically grounded and theologically sound teachings are taught to the students. We give them class room teachings, field trainings and create administrative skills. Eminent and qualified lecturers teach the subjects both exhibiting theological scholarship and practical experience are teaching in our Bible Colleges.  The students are adequately trained in the Echo of His Call Churches in all aspects of ministry such as leading services, conducting prayer cells, administering pastoral care and counseling and other administrative responsibilities. The young boys and girls are trained adequately so that they will be able to realize the God given call and vision for their lives and ministry. These Bible Colleges are governed and monitored by a separate council of Theologians under a Chairman and Principal. Our Colleges are affiliated to the Hindustan Bible Institute and College, Chennai which is one of the prominent Bible Colleges in India.
We train native young men and women by admitting them in our Bible Colleges and equip them to preach the Word of God and send them to the unreached areas. Nehemiah Bible Colleges functions for the sole purpose of training committed people to serve in the vineyard of the Lord for the effective service of the body of Christ. Echo of His Call Ministries supports the budding Pastors in their ministerial endeavors and provides necessary resources and prayer till they are able to stand on their own in administering the kingdom cause. Thereby Echo of His Call Ministries shoulders many people to stay focused and committed in their ministerial calling and life.
We have two Bible Colleges viz., Residential Bible College and Evening Bible College and by the grace of God around 1200 students have been graduated and trained by our Bible Colleges and sent to the mission field. God is doing a mighty work in and through the labour of the Pastors and Leaders trained by us in the different parts of the country and in the nations beyond.