We have our Gospel Printing Press for promoting Gospel through literature.  God has provided an Offset Printing Machine which is very useful to get quality and multi-colour gospel tracts, gospel booklets, spiritual books, Christian magazines etc. in most of the languages used in India and the neighouring countries.

The printed gospel literature are distributed to houses, market places, schools, colleges, hospitals, jails etc. through our workers and ministers and dispatched to other remote places by various means.  Millions of people receive gospel literature free in their own languages at their door steps and accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their Personal Saviour and God.
The printing press exists for the glory of God and for the services of the body of Christ and never intended for any commercial and secular work. We want to collaborate with other Christian organizations to further the gospel by having their literatures printed in our presses. The income generated thus would augment the cause of the Echo of His Call Ministries and of the furtherance of the Gospel..