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Many of our readers have insisted us to start a Theological Course by correspondence.  God has opened the way.  We conduct this course in Tamil and English through our Nehemiah Bible Colleges.  We plan to start in Hindi, Telugu and Malayalam.  This course consists of the following 7 subjects. The following courses are meant for the lay persons who are adequately affiliated in a church and where he / she can be trained practically and should be in a position to execute his / her learning into action. The subjects of the course are furnished below :

1. Old Testament I
2. Old Testament II
3. Old Testament III
4. Old Testament IV
5. New Testament I
6. New Testament II
7. Building up a Growing Church

We send our Course Books one by one after the receipt of the answer sheets and Subject Report.  The filled-in answer sheets for each course book need to have a Subject Report about the lesson that the student learnt through the book in their own words not less than 5 pages (A4 size). After completion of 7 books, the students are instructed to submit their Ministry Report about their present ministerial works and ministerial plans for their future in not less than 5 pages.  Marks are given for the Ministry Report also.  After completion of these reports, each student will be awarded with a Consolidated Mark Sheet and a Certificate.  Later on the students are given Seminar type teachings and practical trainings.